a fan site for Heather Peace. Actress best known for Lip Service, London's Burning, Ultimate Force and The Chase and a talented musician.


Heather Peace. Adidas Women’s Challenge run for Breast Cancer, held at Hyde Park. London, England -07.09.08

Little known Heather Peace trivia fact of the day. She’s a runner. Not only does she run to support Leukemia Research, she has in fact done 2 marathons. She did the 2001 London Marathon and the 2007 NYC marathon. I for one, am impressed.

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Anonymous asked
are you in a relationship at the moment ?

Yes but I’M NOT HEATHER PEACE though.

Anonymous asked
when do youcome to Holland to perform?? Gr. Debby

I’m not Heather Peace and I’m not connected to her management. Just a fan like you. Please send your question to her twitter or her facebook page. Links are on the left.

Anonymous asked
This is more of a notice to share than a question.Just received my copy of Curve magazine and Heather made the list of 69 of the Sexiest Lesbians Alive. It is listed alphabetically, so don't be put off by the #50 listing. Congrats, Heather!

Hooray for Heather!